One of our Riders was told he needed a reflective vest upon arrival this week.  WRAMC is a DoD facility.  Please ensure you have the DoD required, eye protection, full fingered gloves, boots over your ankles and reflective vest/sash.

Saturday, June 18th - 1200 - 1600 hrs

This will be our 5th year of sponsoring a BBQ at Walter Reed Army Medical Center's Malogne House.

The Annual BBQ is really for the Troops and their families who are rehabilitating at WRAMC.  It is our chance to go out and let them know how much we appreciate what they have given for us.  If you have not made it out in the past, it is a very rewarding day of helping out and pitching in! 

We will need folks for the early and late 'shifts'.   If you want to help setup please arrive at Malogne House around 0800.  There will be plenty to do getting everything ready for a noon start.  We will also need help cleaning up, serving, helping the Wounded Warriors with their plates/drinks starting right at noon. For those who come a little later, the extra help is always appreciated during teardown and cleanup.  We have to leave it like we found it!

Please remember that this our opportunity to serve those who have suffered greatly for us.  It is our chance to serve up some good food, good conversation and make sure they know the PGR loves them!