What we are not

We are NOT a club.  We are not a motorcycle club or a Riding club.  We do not have meetings, chapters or dues.  Some of the 'Riders' do not even own motorcycles.

Neither the Maryland Patriot Guard nor the National Patriot Guard Riders are clubs.

As we are not a club we do not have a vest backpatch.  Some Riders who do not belong to clubs wear the National PGR patch or the Fallen Heroes patch on the back of their vests.  No rockers of any kind should be placed on those vests.  Rockers are earned through established clubs not purchased or made.  We cannot tolerate any attempt to portray the Patriot Guard as a club.  Respect is always our guiding principle.

We are NOT a counter-protest group.  We are not the anti-WBC.  Although we were founded originally to block the antics of some Kansas inbreds, our mission has always been primarily to show our respect and appreciation for those who have fallen in Defense of the Nation.  We only attend missions which meet our mission parameters and only then at the invite of the family.  We do not go anywhere just because there is going to be a protest.

We are not a veterans organization either.  While many of us are veterans, some of the Riders have never served in the Military.

We do not discriminate against any MC.  All who wish to ride and show their respect are welcome.

We are not exclusive.  All it takes is to sign up on the National Website and show up to a mission.

We do not have a dress code or require the use of PGR 'gear' such as armbands and windshield clings.  We dress as we would for every ride.  (exception being DoD installation requirements).

We are not a "Parade Brigade".  We do not ride in community parades for other than events which meet our other mission objectives.

*About backpatch Rockers*

The bottom line is the PGR was born out of Respect.   It is only logical and correct to show the same respect in everything we do.  While some may think they are just a pretty thing on a vest, rockers are not a decorative item.  They are hard-earned and take years to earn.  You don't pay $79.95 on the internet for them.  Those of us who are US Armed Forces veterans get bent out of shape when someone fraudulently 'poses' as a member of the military.   How many have we seen who inflate their service record as if they were Rambo himself, when all they ever did was fly a typewriter? (not that there is anything wrong with that!)  Adding rockers to a store bought patch, whether it is the PGR National patch or the Fallen Heroes patch is just flat out wrong.  As we don't like posers in our world, we should respect their world and their traditions.  It isn't about fear.  It isn't about being told what you can and cannot wear.  It is about Respecting others.