Understanding the Lingo

The Military Services love acronyms and slang...  As you look around the PGR you will find a whole lot of us served at one time or another and the acronyms are still in use...  There is also a bit of motorycle world slang that gets used, so every now and then someone has to ask me; "what does that mean?"...  

Here are some of the most common phrases that I can think of.  If you have others, please add them using the comments below, or send them to me and I'll add them to the article!  Some will be obvious to most, maybe some not so much!  As I receive questions of other slang or acronyms I will place them here.  You will notice I am not addressing any such as:  DILLIGAF, FTW, FUBAR, SNAFU, etc...  Those I will let folks look up.  Sealed

ASAP:  As soon as possible.  When we have it, you will have it.
NLT:  Not later than.  As in, contact the RC NLT COB 12 Jan.
COB:  Close of Business.  Typically 1730 hrs on a work day.
KSU:  Kick stands up.  The time we will depart the rally point.
CAO/CACO:  Military Casualty Assistance Officer.  CAO for USA & USAF, CACO for USMC & USN.
POC:  Point of contact.  Primary person to talk to on that subject.
PAD:  Primary Action Designee.  Individual designated by the Casualty to make all decisions on funeral arrangements.
KIA:  Killed in Action
LOD:  Line of Duty.  Usually denotes that injury or death was as a result of Military Service (while on duty).
AOR:  Area of Responsibility.
11th Hour:  Very last minute.
FH:  Funeral Home
FHD:  Funeral Home Director
LE/LEO:  Law Enforcement Officer.
UGs:  Uninvited Guests - Anyone who shows up without an invite, specifically an inbred Kansas Cult, but can include other over-zealous bike groups/local citizens.
OBE:  Overcome by events.  See Semper Gumby.
Bravo Zulu:  Navy term for Well Done.
Mission:  PGR Term for any event confirmed by the State Captain as an official PGR event.
Honor Mission:  PGR Term for an official Funeral mission.
HOTH:  Help on the HomeFront.  PGR Program to assist those covered by our Mission Statement however we can.
VSO:  Veterans Service Organization
Semper Gumby:  Always Flexible.  With the military nothing is final until change 3.
Change 3:  Derogatory term of Military Service habit of amending orders ad naseum.
Parade Brigade:  Motorcyclists who only want to be seen. I.e., ride in processions or parades and not stand a flag line.
Patriot Guard Readers:  Those who are on the PGR Roster, get the mission alerts, but never attend.
Red Hat:  PGR Slang for Ride Captain.
Stun Mode:  Cell phone on silent or vibrate for a flag line.
Flag Line/Corridor of Flags:  PGR set up at funeral home, church or cemetery.  US Flags held as a show of respect.
Happy Event:  PGR Mission that does not involve a funeral or unit send-off.
Cage(s):  4 wheel motor vehicles.
Iron Horses/Scoots/bikes/shiny chrome:  Motorcycles.
Ricer: Japanese made motorcycle.
MC:  Motorcycle Club.  (ref what we are not)
SC: state Captain (PGR)
ASC:  Assistant State Captain (PGR)
RC:  Ride Captain (PGR).  In bike world also means Road Captain.
Tailgunner/Sweep:  Last bike in a procession.
Rockers:  Curved patches over and/or under a center patch.  Top usually denotes club name, bottom area/territory.

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