WH PFC Mike Torbert, BWI, 1 Oct

This is a multi-state mission planned by Delaware.

National Mission Thread

The parents of PFC Mike Torbert, U.S. Army, have requested the presence of the Patriot Guard to escort Mike home from BWI Airport to his home in Newark, DE after a tour of duty in the sandbox on Sat., Oct. 1, 2011. Mike is a member of the Long Knife, 4BDE, 1st Calvary Division stationed in Fort Hood, Texas.

Rally information for Eastern Shore Riders is on the National Thread.

Rally point for those on the West side of the Bay bridge:
Location: Royal Farms, 930 Cromwell Park Drive, Glen Burnie, MD (corner of Hollins Ferry and Aviation Blvd).
Rally Time:  1530 hrs
Kickstands Up:  1600 hrs for the 12 minute ride to our designated parking at the airport.  The route after the airport includes two Toll roads. So At this rally the RCs will be collecting Toll moneys from each Rider who does not possess an EZPass.  The two tolls will be $7 per Rider so please have exact change (one $5 bill - two $1s).  An RC will be designated for each Toll Booth to pay the collected money and ensure all tolls are correct.  If you do not plan to make the trip after the airport please let the RCs know.
All Riders MUST be in the mission group by this point for the Airport Welcome.  Even if you do not intend to ride back to Delaware, we must ride together for the parking at the Airport.  The Airport Authority is giving the PGR special parking that will not be charged, but we must all arrive together.  Riders should be fully fueled and ready to ride the approximately 70 miles from that point.  Anyone who wishes to greet this young Troop and Welcome him home solely at the airport, can depart for home from there.

Please remember to bring your 3'x5' US Flag for the airport flag line.  Only the most heavily secured and strong rigs should be considered for large bike mounted flags.  This route will hit highways speeds and most bike mounted rigs will not be safe with flags unfurled for that distance.  If you have not tested your rig at Interstate speeds for distance, please leave the flag furled or rig at home.

Remember we want this to be a joyous occasion for this young Troop and his family.  Safety is the key.

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