Vet & First Responder Appreciation Night, Kent Island, 5 Sep 2014

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Kent Island High School
Veterans and First Responders Appreciation Night
5 September 2014
    For the past several years the Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to and have participated in this night to honor our  veterans and first responders. This is a great opportunity to show our respect for all who have given of themselves to defend our country and neighborhoods.
    The event will be held in conjunction with the Kent Island High School football game to begin their season. We will be participating in the opening ceremonies with the presentation of the colors and at halftime we will be forming our flagline in a cordon to honor the veterans and first responders in attendance.
Mission Itinerary:
    Rally - Friday, 5 Sept 2014 @ 5:00pm
                Vallero Gas Station and Convenience Store
                Corner of Route 8 and Route 18 - north of Route 50 Exit 38A
    After a short briefing, KSU at 5:45pm for a short ride to the school. We will pre-stage for a riding entrance onto the field and the Opening Ceremony at approx. 6:45pm. We will remain on the field for the Ceremony and exit to the sidelines until the halftime ceremony.
    Securely mounted flags on bikes are encouraged and be sure to have your 3x5 handheld flags for the flaglines. Mounts will be checked by the Road Captain prior to departure for safety. Weather is forecasted to be partly cloudy, temps 68/88 degs. and a 10% chance of participation. This is a long range forecast so check the weather before departing for the event and dress appropriately.
       If you can not meet at the Rally Point and come directly to the school, please be there in time to attend the briefing! There is much choreography involved in this program and it is VERY IMPORTANT that all riders know and understand the directions and strict rules of conduct after we pass through the gates and onto the field.
    We hope all who can attend. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate our respect for our defenders and to show the students that respect. It's also a great chance to see a wonderful group of local young men play with enthusiasm for the love of the game and their peers. So give your ride a once over, mount your flags and come out and enjoy a great evening.
Ride Captain: Tim Thomas

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