SPC Karl Kunze, 20, Abingdon, MD, 27 Apr


We have sad news from the Maryland Army National Guard.  Spc Karl Kunze was killed in a motorcycle accident on Friday, 23 April.  A native of New York, Spc Kunze was awarded MDNG Soldier of the Year honors for 2009 as a PFC representing the 29th Combat Aviation Brigade.  He had just finished the General Mechanics course and was on schedule to begin duty as a Full Time Maryland Army Guardsman.  Our most heartfelt condolences to the family and his MD NG brethren.

The family of this young Troop has asked for the Patriot Guard Riders to stand for him.  It will be an honor.

Visitations are to be held in Abingdon, MD on 27 April 2010 with interment in New York later in the week.  This section will address the Maryland Visitations only.  New York SC has been contacted and POC information passed on.

27 April 2010 - Visitations (1400-1700 hrs & 1900-2100 hrs)
Ride Captain:  Russ Burks Sr., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Early Rally Time:  1315-1330 hrs
Late Rally Time:  1815-1830 hrs
Rally Location:  McComas Funeral Home, 1317 Cokesbury Road, Abingdon, MD 21009
You do not need to stay for both Visitation Times.  We will form our flag lines for both the early and late viewings.  Please remember to bring your 3x5' US flag for the flag line.  Weather for Abingdon on Tuesday is early A.M. showers with a high of 64 degrees and low of 48.  Bike or cage, please come out to help show the respect this young SPC deserves.

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