MD Statewide Emails

This Statewide "opt-in" is for emails that will not go through the National System.  National will only allow emails which are listed as 'official' missions on the Confirmed Mission forum of National.  We have found there a many times we either need to get the information out faster than they can, or it is something they will not pass on via their system.  We will not spam your inbox with political messages, nor with anything outside of what the State Captain deems an appropriate communication. In over two years of use, this email list has only been used 10 times.

We do migrate IDs on the MD listing from the National system to the MD system as available.  If you signed up to National after Feb 2012, or live outside of Maryland and wish to be kept informed of local events, please fill out the below form  Don't forget to click on the link when the opt-in email is sent to validate your address.




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