SGT David V. Williams, 24, Frederick, 29, 30 AUG

National Condolence Thread

We have received an invitation from the family of Sergeant David V. Williams, 24, US Army of Frederick Md. who died in Operation Enduring Freedom on 18 August 2012. Visitation will be held at Stauffer's Funeral Home in Frederick on Wednesday from 5pm-7pm. Memorial services will be held at Ft. Detrick Chapel with procession immediately following to burial at the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.  
Sgt. Williams was a native of Frederick County, Md. He attended Urbana High School and graduated in 2006. He joined the Army in 2008. He deployed in April of 2012 to Afghanistan. This was his first deployment. He was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Stryker Brigade Team, 2nd Infantry Division.

Visitation to be held 5pm-7pm on Wed 29 August at:
        Stauffer's Funeral Home
        1621 Opossumtown Pike
        Frederick, Maryland 21702
Wednesday, August 29,2012   (Flags needed)
Staging:  At funeral Home
Rally        4:00pm
Brief        4:15pm
Flag line   4:30pm   to 7:00pm
Thursday, August 30, 2012      (Flags needed)
Memorial Service at Ft Detrick Chapel on Thursday at 9:30am.
Rally         6:45 am  at the funeral home for escort to Ft Detrick
Brief         7:00 am
Honor line 7:15 am  @ funeral home during transfer
Escort       7:30 am  to Ft Detrick for Service
The remainder of the timeline will be announced during the briefing.
Ride Captain : Michael Buck
                     (202) 329-8487
Thursday   August 30, 2012      ANC Part of the mission (Flags NOT needed)
Burial 1:00pm.
See ANC mission for “Sgt David V. Williams”  on the national web site for details.
We will have LEO/MP escort from Funeral Home to Ft Detrick on Thursday. We may have LEO support for all or part of the way to ANC.  
NOTE:  You will be required to be at the 7:00 am briefing in order to escort to Detrick and ANC. No exceptions.  If you miss us at the funeral home or just can’t make it that early please try and meet at IWO and join us at ANC.
Military mandated riding gear IS NOT required. You must be street legal to enter Ft Detrick or ANC for this mission only (Funeral has been granted a waiver).
All large mounted flags will be checked before leaving the funeral home on Thursday. Make sure they are checked and tested before arriving. Unsafe mounts will not be used in the escort. We will be running at highway speeds. Make sure your fuel tanks are full before the escort starts! It is about 50 miles from Frederick to ANC.
NOTE: Conceal/carry permits are not recognized on military installations and federal reservations. Ft Detrick is a military installation and Arlington National Cemetery is a federal reservation.  Do NOT bring weapons or hazardous materials to this mission.
Weather:  (subject to change)
Wednesday Forecast: High of 85, 0% chance of rain, mostly sunny
Thursday    Forecast: High of 91, 0% chance of rain, sunny
 Please bring 3x5 flags for the flag line on both days. Also, something to drink and eat to keep hydrated ( there will be no place to get food or drink once the 7:30 escort starts until around 2:00 pm) and dress appropriately. Rest rooms should be available at the funeral home, the Ft Detrick Chapel and ANC.  ANC Mission to be posted seperately, flags not required for ANC portion.

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