MD NG Deployment, Edgewood, MD.,29 Oct

The Warrior Brotherhood M/C is planning an escort on Friday, 29 Oct 2010.  There will be a group of soldiers from Edgewood Armory leaving for the sandbox for a year.

We do not have the group specifics (unit number, name, etc), at this time. They are scheduled to be pull out at around 1000 hrs. The WB M/C will have a small group there to escort them to the NJ state line. The plan is for them to hit the post somewhere between 0900 and 0930 hrs.  They have cleared with post security entrance to post without the usual hassles of PPE.

They have asked we post this for anyone who is available to ride with them on Friday.  If you plan on attending, please make sure you are at Aberdeen Proving Ground Main Gate NLT 0900 hrs so they don't miss you.

We will post any updates and further information here if we receive it.

*********Clarification:  Entrance will be the Edgewood Arsenal main gate on Rt. 24

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