State Captain Duties

The Primary Duty of the State Captain for the Patriot Guard Riders can be summed up in two words.

First Contact.

It is the SCs responsibility to make first contact on a casualty.  The SC must learn the CAO/POC contact information, request an invitation from the family for the Riders to attend the funeral, ascertain all pertinent information from the CAO/POC in regards to the funeral services, assign a Ride Captain for the mission and pass on all contacts, dates, times, special requests, etc.  From that point on the SC is only there to assist if needed and if not, to hold a flag on the flag line.

Usually the SC is the first step in requesting a Veterans mission, Send-Offs, Welcome Homes, etc.  In some States the SC is the only one who can authorize a mission, but here in Maryland we have Asst. SCs who also can authorize a mission.

The SC or ASCs will start the mission threads and send out the Statewide Email requests.

Any other duties are pretty much administrivia!

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