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EMT-B Tonya Mallard - Honor Mission

21 PGR rode to Waldorf to pay their respects to EMT-B Mallard.  We were honored to be included with her brethren Firefighters and EMTs as part of their detail.  We set up our flag line and followed the commands of the Color Guard and Honor Detail commanders for the arrival of the family.  The PGR then mounted up to form a flag line barrier on Rt 228 & Bunker Hill Road for the mourners to pass by unharrased on their way to the services. 

We again formed our flag line to pay our respects as EMT-B Mallard was moved to her ambulance for the procession to Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens.  We fell into the procession and rode to Timonium, MD., where we were met by an additional 10 PGR.  The PGR formed up a respectful distance back and again followed the commands of the Fire Department Color and Honor Guard commanders.  It was a beautiful service and a tremendous tribute to this young Hero.

Special thanks to the Charles County and Howard County VFDs.  We truly appreciate the support and dedication that went into making this a special day for the Mallard family.  We were honored to be included and allowed to pay our respects.

Thanks also to the Charles County Sheriffs Office for the outstanding work they did.  We could not have performed our mission so well, without their coordination and support.  It is always a pleasure to work with such professional teams such as yours.

To the family and friends of Tonya; thank you so much for allowing the Patriot Guard Riders to honor your loved one.  We were humbled by the show of love and respect everyone had for her.  Know that to us she was a Hero long before she stepped onto that chopper.  It takes dedication, love and heart to be a first responder.  Her work on so many who now live is a testament for all time.  She will be missed and never forgotten.

EMT-B Tonya Mallard.  Thank you for your service to us, your dedication to the injured, your principles and your family.  You will always be in our hearts.

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