How do you become a Captain?

All positions within the Maryland Patriot Guard are volunteer positions.  There are no paid positions.  The procedures and policies within Maryland will follow as closely as prudent the policies and procedures of the National Organization.

The State Captain is elected by the current Ride Captains through a nomination and voting process.  Once an individual has been selected, the name is sent to the Regional Captain who will coordinate the leadership change with the National Organization.

The appointment to State Captain is a permanent appointment and there are no term limits.  Once appointed this individual is the sole authority for the Patriot Guard Mission in Maryland.  The State Captain can be removed by a simple majority of the Ride Captains in a vote, or by the National Organization for disciplinary reasons.  The State Captain is responsible for the Patriot Guard Riders in Maryland and as such has all authority and powers to ensure mission accomplishment.

Assistant State Captains are selected by the State Captain.  These individuals will normally come from the RC ranks.

The normal procedure for selection of a Ride Captain is for a nominee to be presented to the State Captain.  The individual will be voted on by the current Ride Captains and a simple majority will suffice for the offer to be tendered.  The State Captain has the authority to select a new Ride Captain without going through the normal procedure.

Removal of Ride Captains is at the discretion of the State Captain.  In certain cases the SC may ask for an electronic vote by email on the issue of RC removal.  These cases will usually only occur when there may be a 'personal' issue between the RC and SC.

There are no term limits for Ride Captains.  However, any Ride Captain who does not, or is not able to perform their duties for a period of one year, should voluntarily step down.  Allowances can be made for those with medical issues to remain on the RC list while recuperating at the discretion of the State Captain.  The State Captain will reserve the right to remove any RC who does not volunteer to run missions for extended periods without a medical reason.

So how did they get to be Ride Captains to begin with?  They showed up for missions.  Lots of missions.  The more you show up, the more we get to know you.  We are always looking for people who are dedicated to the mission, have effective leadership qualities and can take the time to support the Riders.  Not everyone invited accepts as for some it is all they can do to man the flag line.  It is a huge responsibility and we will have more articles here on the website to outline the duties.

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