PFC H. Kline Blevins, USA, 18, POW/MIA Korea, Hagerstown, 27 Aug

This is the final itinerary for the Patriot Guard Mission to honor PFC H. Kline Blevins, USA, 18, Hagerstown, MD, who gave all on or about January 31, 1951, while a POW in Korea. It is a go, all contacts have been made.  The Blevins family has waited more than 62 years to bring their Soldier home and they have graciously extended the invitation to us to accompany them as PFC Blevins makes his final journey home to Hagerstown.  Services will be on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at approximately 1300 hrs.
PFC Blevins was born July 31, 1932, in Hagerstown, MD.  He graduated from Hagerstown High School and was an accomplished guitar player.  He enlisted in the US Army and was assigned to the US Army, 7th Infantry Division, 31st Regimental Combat Team.  He was wounded in action on November 29, 1950.  Subsequently his unit was overrun and he was captured on December 2, 1950, near the eastern banks of the Chosin Reservoir, North Korea.  He was held at a POW camp at the northern end of the Chosin Reservoir, a camp that those held captive named, Death Valley.  Accounts from liberated prisoners of the camp indicated he died a slow death finally succumbing to malnutrition.  His remains were not turned over to the US Army.
During the same engagement in the Chosin Reservoir, PFC Blevins’ brother, PFC Lonnie G. Blevins, USA, 20, assigned to the US Army, 1st Cavalry Division, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Company E, was killed in action on January 25, 1951.  PFC Lonnie Blevins’ remains were recovered and returned to Hagerstown where he was interred in 1951.
Between 1990 and 1994, the North Korean government returned more than 200 boxes to the United States with the remains of servicemen still held by North Korea.  In July 2013, the remains of PFC H. Kline Blevins were identified.  On August 6, 2013, PFC Blevins’ status was officially changed to accounted for.
On August 27th, PFC Blevins will be interred in the family plot and will once again be near his brother 62 years after each of them gave their lives in service to their Country.
PFC Blevins was posthumously the recipient of the Purple Heart and the Prisoner of War Medal.
He is survived by his family and a grateful nation.
Tuesday, August 27, 2013
1200 – staging
1215 – brief
1230 – flag line
Location:          Rest Haven Funeral Home
1601 Pennsylvania Avenue
Hagerstown, MD  21742
Ride Captain:  Sid (Deacon) Marcus  –  (301) 535-6817
Please bring 3 x 5 hand-held flags for this mission, extra if you have one to share.  There will be no escort.  Services and interment will take place at the same location.  There will be a short walk from the chapel to graveside.
The weather forecast for Tuesday, August 27th is chance of thunderstorms (40%) with a low of 69 degrees and high of 86 degrees.  Check the weather prior to your departure and dress appropriately.  Bring water to stay hydrated.  Do not let the weather keep you away, you may cage to this mission.
Stand with us as we honor this soldier and his family with our respect and silent presence in the flag line.

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