MSG(Ret) Paul J. Wiedorfer, WWII MOH, Baltimore

It is with great sadness we learn of the passing of a true Hero.  Master Sgt. Paul Wiedorfer was Maryland’s last remaining WWII Medal of Honor holder. He passed away on May 25, 2011 in Baltimore. 

From his Medal of Honor Citation: He alone made it possible for his company to advance until its objective was seized. Company G had cleared a wooded area of snipers, and 1 platoon was advancing across an open clearing toward another wood when it was met by heavy machinegun fire from 2 German positions dug in at the edge of the second wood. These positions were flanked by enemy riflemen. The platoon took cover behind a small ridge approximately 40 yards from the enemy position. There was no other available protection and the entire platoon was pinned down by the German fire. It was about noon and the day was clear, but the terrain extremely difficult due to a 3-inch snowfall the night before over ice-covered ground. Pvt. Wiedorfer, realizing that the platoon advance could not continue until the 2 enemy machinegun nests were destroyed, voluntarily charged alone across the slippery open ground with no protecting cover of any kind. Running in a crouched position, under a hail of enemy fire, he slipped and fell in the snow, but quickly rose and continued forward with the enemy concentrating automatic and small-arms fire on him as he advanced. Miraculously escaping injury, Pvt. Wiedorfer reached a point some 10 yards from the first machinegun emplacement and hurled a hand grenade into it. With his rifle he killed the remaining Germans, and, without hesitation, wheeled to the right and attacked the second emplacement. One of the enemy was wounded by his fire and the other 6 immediately surrendered. This heroic action by 1 man enabled the platoon to advance from behind its protecting ridge and continue successfully to reach its objective. A few minutes later, when both the platoon leader and the platoon sergeant were wounded, Pvt. Wiedorfer assumed command of the platoon, leading it forward with inspired energy until the mission was accomplished.

The daughter of this true American Hero has requested the Patriot Guard Riders come to show our respect and honor his service.  This is an honor indeed.

Ride Captain:  Brian Parnes (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Tuesday, 7 June 2011
Funeral Services and Interment
Rally Location:  St. Thomas More Parish Center, 6806 McClean Blvd, Baltimore, MD.
Rally Time:  0815-0845 hrs

We will place our flag lines for the arrival of the hearse from the Funeral Home and placement of MSG Wiedorfer inside the church.  We will then place our flag lines for the arrival of mourners and the service which begins at 1000 hrs.  Once the service is over we will join the procession to Moreland Memorial Park Cemetery (Parkville) for interment, where we will again place our flag line for military honors.

Safely mounted 3’x5’ US Flags on bikes will be authorized for the procession.  Please ensure your rig is completely secure as the RCs will be checking mounts.  If you are asked to furl the flag for safety reasons, please comply promptly.  There are few amenities in the immediate area.  Please be fully fueled and ready to roll on arrival.  Bring your 3’x5’ US flag on pole for the flag line as well as water to stay hydrated.   Weather for Baltimore on Tuesday is forecast as partly cloudy, high of 91 degrees, low of 77 degrees.  Please ensure you are dressed appropriately for riding and standing in the heat.

Mount up Patriot Guard.  Our WWII Generation is leaving us rapidly and this man was a Hero among them.

Coverage of the funeral