National Mission Subscriptions

National Mission Subscriptions

On March 15 2017, PGR went to a new subscription based mission notification system. In spite of extensive early testing; several weeks into using the system, PGR found that not all mission notices were going out to all subscribers. In addition, many members found the subscription system difficult to navigate. Because of that, PGR temporarily went back to manually sending notifications to all members for missions within their state. In an attempt to fix this problem, PGR will shortly be implementing a new, more robust system that we hope members will find easier to use and more reliable.

Beginning Saturday, August 19th, we will stop the "all members" notifications for your state, and implement the new subscription system. The system is easy to opt in and out, and the new emails will be more complete.
We are asking members to subscribe now so you do not miss any notifications. We also recommend you remove the forum subscriptions so you do not get duplicate notifications. I'm including instructions for both actions below

First, to unsubscribe from state forums:
1) Log on to the National site at
2) Select the Missions menu button, then Upcoming Missions by State.
2) On the screen that follows, and click on any black circles shown.
To subscribe to the new system:
1) Log in to the main PGR site, .
2) Select the Missions menu button, then Subscribe to Missions.
3) Select the option and follow the instructions.

You will be able to subscribe to whichever states you want, and opt out at any time. These notifications will be begin Saturday August 19th. Until then, the temporary method of notifying everyone in a given state will continue.

If you experience problems, contact me or an Assistant State Captain for assistance.

Bruce "Robocop" Gentile
State Captain - MD & DC


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