Media Inquiries

The Patriot Guard Riders were founded on the principle that it is 'Not about us'.

We do not comment on politics, the war or anything else that could be construed as political in nature.When speaking with the media, we will do our best to keep the focus on those who have given or risk their very lives for our Freedoms and Security.

We do not wish to publicize the missions of the Patriot Guard Riders as we are invited guests and have no authority to 'invite' the media along on any Ride. We will certainly be happy to talk about our Help on the HomeFront Program!

At missions we ask the Media not approach Riders while on the Flag Line.Please look for the Ride Captain(Red Hat) if you have any questions.They will be happy to answer any questions about the one we are Riding to honor.

Thank you!


The Maryland Patriot Guard Riders


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