MD NG Send-Off, APG, 22 May

The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to help send-off a deploying unit of Maryland Army Guardsmen.  We will be setting up a flag line for the Troops and their families upon arrival at the APG MWR facility.  Once the official program is over we will reset our flag line for the departure of the buses.    The buses are scheduled to depart APG at approximately 1030 hrs, NLT than 1100. 

This is our chance to thank these troops and their families for answering the Nation’s call.  It is our fervent wish that they all come back home safe and we can do a real happy mission welcoming them back.

Ride Captain is Brian Parnes, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sunday, 22 May 2011
Rally Location:  Walmart, 645 South Philadelphia Blvd, Aberdeen, MD (look for the bikes with flags)
Rally Time:  0700-0715 hrs

Please make sure you arrive fully fueled and ready to roll.  We will be KSU by 0720 hrs so please do not be late.  They are expecting us as a group, so stragglers will be discouraged.  Bring your 3’x5’ US Flags for the flag line.  Cage or scoot.   Flag line will be in place prior to the first troops arriving at 0800 hrs.

We will be entering a DoD facility so please ensure you have full fingered gloves, long sleeves, eye protection and boots that cover your ankles.  We may or may not need the reflective gear, but if you have it, bring it.

Weather for Aberdeen on Sunday is forecast to be partly cloudy, high of 86 low of 65.  Make sure you pack water to stay hydrated.

Let’s show the troops and their families we care!  Hope to see you there!


Received a phone call from SgtMaj Posada who is running the show.  If you like loud noises, you will not want to miss this.  As part of the departure ceremony, they will be firing 2 105MM Howitzer rounds. 

They are very excited that the PGR will be riding at the send-off of this unit.  It is us who should be excited.  It is we who owe the debt.

Mount up!

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