Letters & Emails

My name is Deputy First Class Ryan Socks, a member of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and a veteran of our countries armed forces. I was one of the deputies involved with the funeral procession on 4/30/11 in Washington County , MD.

I know that I thanked you for the service that you and your members provide for our countries hero’s but wanted to reiterate that. I did receive a copy of the email that you sent to my Captain and Lieutenant commending me for my actions and I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for that. If my duty on that day was the only responsibility I had as a police officer I would know that I have served well.

On a side note I wanted to let you know that my father, also a proud veteran of this countries armed forces, passed away a year to the date of this escort, 4/30/10. I think the reason it meant so much to me is that I didn’t look into retaining your members for his service and kind of felt like I was doing it for him also. It is definitely something I will recommend to anyone in the future. As I told you at the end of the escort, I expected to see a large black vehicle crest the hill on Rt. 40 but when I saw your motorcycles and the American flag flying proudly I was taken aback. Anyone who saw that procession take place HAD to have been reminded of the great sacrifice made by the men and women of this country every day and reminded of the cost of freedom.

Again, I salute and support you and all of your members for your service and hope that if the services of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office are ever required again that you would request that I be involved. I have been involved in a lot of incidents where I have assisted citizens in my county but cannot think of any other time I was more proud of myself and the Sheriff’s Office than on that date.


Dfc. R.L. Socks #6248
Washington County Maryland Sheriff’s Office
Patrol Division