Letters & Emails

Hello Ann,
My name is Jeff Washburn.   You and your husband presented my son James an Eagle Head cane made by the fine folks at Smoky Mountain at Bethesda Naval last October.    My wife and I were back in Washington for the Ride to the Wall on the Sunday before Memorial Day and just happened to run into your husband at the end of the motorcycle parade and had the opportunity to speak with him for a while.   What a blessing that was to meet again one of the individuals who had been like an Angel for our family in a desperate time in the fall of 2010.   I tried last fall after we finally got home and settled back into our day to day lives to write thank you notes to  everyone who had been such a big part of our lives while at Bethesda.   Quite honestly I can't remember whether I sent you and your husband a note or not.  If not, please accept my apology and this as my initial note of our and James' sincere appreciate for your kindness and the gift of the cane to James.   Please tell the fine people at Smoky Mountain that their generosity and thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.

James' has placed the cane with his most treasured possessions and I'm sure that one day he will tell his children how he came to receive the cane from such wonderful people.

To give you an update,   James was able to leave the Wounded Warriors Regiment in May of this year and return to his unit despite the prognosis of his doctors in February that he would probably never be able to fully use his right arm again due to the severity of the nerve damage.   Despite all of the medical tests,  James woke up one morning a few weeks later and was able to move his arm and has continued to improve steadily ever since up to the point that he is probably 95%  functional in the arm.   His unit is currently in pre-deployment training and is scheduled to return to Afghanistan in November.

Thank you for the work that you and your husband do in supporting and expressing gratitude to our wounded warriors.  Thanks also to all those who make canes to present to those warriors.   May God bless each and everyone of you is my prayer.
With kindest regards,

Jeff Washburn