Kent Island HS Veterans & 1st Responder night, Stevensville, 9 Sep 2016
HOTH - Kent Island HS Veterans & 1st Responder Appreciation Night, Stevensville, MD 9 Sep 16
The MDPG has been invited, for the fifth year, to escort and present colors at Kent Island High School's home football game on Friday Sep. 9, 2016.  Each year the school honors our wounded Warriors, Military and Veterans and all First Responders at this game.  These honors are always scheduled to take place on the game day closest to Sept. 11 to remind the community that freedom is not free.  Our participation is important to the community here.  It involves some precision riding on the track prior to the start of the game and a motorized flag line during the opening ceremonies.  In the years past this has been a fulfilling and fun event.  All are encouraged to attend.  We are hoping for a minimum of 8 riders.  If you have a 3'/5' flag mounted on your steed you will get priority.  If you do not have a mounted flag you are still, most welcome and encouraged to attend.
Mission Itinerary: 9/09/16
Rally Point:  Shore Stop
           Rt. 8 (Love Point Rd.) and Main St., Stevensville, MD 21666 – ½ mile north of Rt.50/301, exit                         37.
From the west, this is the first exit after crossing the Bay Bridge.  As you exit Rt. 50 turn left on Rt. 8 and travel north approx. ½ mile to the traffic signal.  Shore Stop is on the right.
From the east, it's the last exit before crossing the Bay Bridge.  Travel ½ mile north to the first traffic signal. Shore Stop is on the right.
Rally Time:  1730 hrs.
Briefing:  1745 hrs.
KSU: 1800 hrs. for the one mile ride to the school stadium.  Speed will not exceed 40 MPH.
Briefing on site with school officials:  1815 Hrs.
Mission:  1850 hrs. (approx.) Patriot Guard enters stadium and will lead team onto the field through the back gate at that time.
RCIC:  Jim "Bubba" Hutson, Tel: 410-827-4718
The Patriot Guard will circle the track counterclockwise and park in preparation for the coin toss and National Anthem.
We will remain at the game, bikes in place (the VIP tent is available) until dismissed from the mission at half time.  Semper Gumby will be in full effect throughout the mission.
Weather:  Unknown this far in advance.  Please consult the local weather reports for Stevensville and prepare accordingly.  Remember – they play football in the rain.
Unfortunately, cages will not be permitted on the field but those who cage are encouraged to participate in the flag line during the opening ceremonies.  Although highway speeds will not be reached during this mission, all bike mounted flags will be inspected for the safety of those you ride with.

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