Jewett Williams, USA, Civil War Vet, 14 Aug 2016

Please go to the following link for mission updates:

Maryland Patriot Guard has been asked to participate in a joint Patriot Guard mission with multiple states that will enable a Civil War Veteran to receive a long overdue interment at his final resting place in Togas, Maine.  We are honored to do so.
This mission's intent is to transport Jewett Williams from the state of Oregon (where he died on 17 July 1922) back to the state of Maine, where he was born, raised and recruited in the Maine 20th volunteer Regiment.  He went on to fight heroically in numerous battles during the Civil War.

More information and a complete bio can be seen on Facebook at "Bringing Jewett Williams to Maine" at this link:  here you will be able to track the progress of his journey home.

This is a 2 part mission on Sunday August 14, 2016. If you can make both parts or just one part that is great. We are his family right now and this type of mission doesn't happen very often. Come out and say thanks and show him the respect that he earned and deserves.  

First Part is the dignified transfer of Pvt. Williams from the PA. PGR to the MD. PGR.  Transfer will take place in Hancock, Md.  This will be a dignified transfer with 3 x 5 flags if you have them, and should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete once the PA PGR team arrives. All times are flexible because of weather and traffic conditions.  There is a chance of storms on Sunday so drive and dress for the conditions.

Part One of Mission:  Sunday, 14 August 2016
Staging Location:  Super 8 Motel Parking Lot, 118 Limestone Road, Hancock, MD 21750
Staging Time:  1130 Hrs
Briefing:           1145 Hrs
KSU:           Immediately after transfer has been completed and thank you's to the PA team have     been extended we will escort PVT Williams to the Point of Rocks Marc Train Station parking lot for transfer to the VAPGR

Part Two of Mission:  Sunday, 14 August 2016
Location:   Point of Rocks Marc train station,    Commerce Street parking lot
Time:        1500 Hrs (approx.)
Briefing:  Will be done by VA RC if the MD escort is late or by MD RC if we arrive early.
KSU:       At conclusion of transfer.    3 x 5 flags will be used for the transfer to the VA PGR.  
Ride Captain:  Mike Buck @ 240-812-2872
Iron Horses preferred, cages welcomed as always.
Arrive gassed up.  Bring snacks.
Extremely Hot weather, so dress and hydrate accordingly.  Check local weather forecasts.

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