James D. Galloday II, USN Vet, DC/Cheltenham, 4 Nov 2015




James D. Golladay II, 89
U.S. Navy Veteran
Landover, MD
4 November 2015

The Patriot Guard Riders have been asked to stand a Flag Line for James D. Golladay II, a US Navy Veteran, on 4 November 2015, and escort him and his family to Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery, Cheltenham, MD, and the site of his final resting place. We are honored to do so.

Mr. Golladay died on 26 October 2015. He is survived by many family members, and will be greatly missed by all.

This will be a three part event. There will be a flag line for visitation on 4 November 2015:

Sargant Memorial Presbyterian Church
5109 Nanny Helen Burroughs Avenue, N.E.
Washington, DC

Viewing from 0900-1100 hrs.

Stage at the Church NLT 0830 hrs., briefing at 0845 hrs., flag line in place by 0900 hrs.

Part two will be to accompany Mr. Golladay and his family in a short parade around the church area to celebrate his life.

Part three will be to escort Mr. Golladay to his final resting place in the Cheltenham Maryland Veterans Cemetery, which is scheduled for 1430 hrs. The procession will depart for the cemetery at approximately 1315 hrs., at the completion of the parade.

Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery
11301 Crain Highway
Cheltenham, MD.

Ride Captain: Sid Marcus @ 301-535-6817 (cell)
Co-Ride Captain: Bruce “Robocop” Gentile @ 301-542-6707

Large hand-held flags are NOT needed for graveside services, but are needed for flag line honors.

Arrive gassed up. Bring snacks...no fast food nearby!

Warm weather, so dress & hydrate accordingly - Check the weather forecasts.

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