Jack Meyers, WWII POW, Pasadena, 23 Jun

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Patriot Guard Riders!  Sadly another Hero of our Greatest Generation has left us. 

Jack Meyers was a decorated World War II Veteran who was commander of the Maryland XPOW group.  He passed away due to cancer on Thursday, 17 June 2010, at the age of 86.

Jack joined the Army in WWII and was assigned to an infantry unit in Africa.  He was one of those who landed at Anzio Beach in Italy, fought at Monte Cassino and Florence.  He was captured during combat and held as a Prisoner of War before escaping.  After a furlough he was back in action assigned to the Philippines.  He later moved from the Army to the Air Force and remained in the Air Force Reserves for many years.  After returning to civilian life his passion was helping veterans.  He was a member of the VFW, American Legion and United Veterans of Anne Arundel.  He was also a member of the Military Advisory Committee and the Maryland Veterans Commission.

The family of Jack Meyers have invited the Patriot Guard Riders to show our Respect for this Greatest Generation Hero.  It will be an honor.

Ride Captain:  Brian Parnes, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010
Funeral Services and Interment
Rally Time:  1215 hrs
Rally Location:  McCully-Polyniak Funeral Home, 3204 Mountain Rd, Pasadena, MD.
We will place our corridor of Flags outside the funeral home for funeral service.  Immediately following service we will join the procession to Crownsville Veterans Cemetery for the Military Honors at the cemetery chapel.

Weather is expected to be HOT, High 94, Low 77.  Dress accordingly and remember to bring bottled water to hydrate with.  This will be a short service, but we will be on the tarmac so it will be HOT.  Don't forget your 3x5 US Flags for the flag line.  Safely mounted bike flags will be used in the procession.  Bike or cage, doesn't matter, it is about the respect shown.

Our sincere condolences to the family of Jack Meyers.  We have lost a great one.  Please join us to show the family and community how much this Veteran's service and sacrifices mean to our Nation.

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