Info For Family, POCs and CAOs


What kind of people belong to the Patriot Guard Riders?

We come from all walks of life. Members include individuals, veterans and current military personnel, members of many motorcycle-related organizations and clubs, and many non-riders who attend in vehicles. No matter what other affiliations our members have, as Patriot Guard Riders we are a diverse group of people who come together as one to show respect to our fallen heroes.

What about traffic concerns?
We work directly with law enforcement to plan for this ahead of time - we do not want to be in the way of mourners attending the funeral. We meet elsewhere prior to services, arrive before services begin, and coordinate with law enforcement for parking, procession and departure so we do not cause traffic problems for the community.

Will you be loud?
Some bikes are loud, but no bikes are running during the services. Our members stand in quiet respect during services, and we discourage revving of engines during processions.

How many Patriot Guard members will come if they’re invited?
This is very difficult to predict, as we are an all volunteer organization; our members all make their best effort to come when requested.

How do you know about the KIA funerals?
For those Killed In Action our State Leadership and our national website monitors the Department of Defense news releases; each state has representatives of the Patriot Guard who make contact with a family representative, to ask if our presence is desired at the services. Normally we work with the Casualty Assistance Officer for all family communications and requests, as we do not wish to intrude directly upon a grieving family.


Huge thanks to the Minnesota Patriot Guard for the above FAQ!