Info For Family, POCs and CAOs


Why do you come to funerals?
We come to show our respect and gratitude to fallen heroes of our armed forces, first responders, and to show our support to the family, friends and community who mourn their loss.

What if we don’t want you to attend?
The Patriot Guard holds absolute respect for the wishes of the family. We attend only as invited guests, and will not attend if the family expresses their wishes for privacy.

What exactly do you do?
We consider ourselves an outer circle of support. Normally, our members stand outside the services, holding flags to show honor and respect to the fallen hero and his or her family, friends and fellow service members.  We often ride at the lead of the funeral procession with large 3'x5' motorcycle mounted flags, and assemble outside the cemetery with flags held in honor. If the family prefers a completely private burial, we do not attend the graveside service. We are sometimes asked to escort the fallen to his or her hometown from the airport prior to the funeral, although this is not always advisable at larger metropolitan airports due to security, safety and traffic concerns. If the family has any special requests of the Patriot Guard, we do our utmost to carry them out.

What about protestors?
If there are protestors present, we do our best to visually shield the family from any disruption they may cause. We do not antagonize them or show any aggression; that would only serve as a distraction. We do not engage them at all. Our actions in providing a shield are strictly legal and non-violent.  We are not a counter-protest group, and the protestors are not our main focus. Our focus is respect and honor for those who serve.