IA Welcome Home, NSA Annapolis, 25 Oct

The PGR has been invited once again to a special Welcome Home Celebration by the Naval Support Activity (NSA) & Lincoln Military Housing in Annapolis.  This Welcome Home is for Individual Augmentees (IA) who have been deployed and returned in the last year.  These are our Navy troops who go out on their own and come back on their own, often getting overlooked in the Welcome Home department.  We are celebrating the safe return of 50 heroes to their families.

The Welcome Home will take place on Tuesday, 25 October 2011.  This event will accommodate both motorcycles and cages.  There are no escort
duties - only a flag line from the Fleet Family Support Center to the MWR Base Theater.  Hand-held 3'/5' flags for each participant are needed - bike-mounted flags are appreciated but not required.  The Naval Support Activity, Fleet & Family Support Center, Lincoln Housing Authority and other agencies are extremely excited about the PGR participation in this event.  

Ride Captain:  Bubba Jim Hutson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Rally Point:    Maryland WWII Memorial
                    Route 450 at Naval Academy Bridge,
                    1920 Ritchie Highway,
                    Annapolis, MD 21401

There are no amenities at the Rally point. Please be topped off and ready to roll on arrival.  If you have base privileges there is a NAVEX gas station
close by.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011
1300 - Rally Time
1330 -  KSU,  3 minute ride to the new Fleet & Family Support Center
1345 - set up flag line for the walk across the street from the "Blue Jacket Cafe" to the theater.
1415 - secure flag line and enter theater for ceremonies and celebration.
This will happen rain or shine - so come on a bike or in a cage - just come!

The Patriot Guard is invited to the Welcome Home festivities and to be available for cake, cookies, comments and photos with the IAs after the
ceremonies.  The ceremonies and reception following are expected to last until approximately 1600.
We will be riding on the Navy base. All riders will need to have all the DOD required riding gear. (boots, long pants and shirt, helmet and eye
protection, reflective vest).  We won't need the reflective vests for the entrance onto the base because we are escorted by base security.  We may
need them to get off the base when we are not being escorted by the security patrol.

If you plan to attend this event, please email the Ride Captain.  Bubba needs to know by the evening of 10 October who plans on attending.  The Navy would like to have an accurate Rider count as they are definitely counting on us.

Please watch this article for possible time changes.

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