How do I join?

Joining the Patriot Guard Riders is the easy part.  We promise it is completely painless and free.  The way to join us is to Register on the National Patriot Guard Riders Website.

Register Link


When you fill out your online profile, you are joining the Patriot Guard Riders.  Please pay special attention to the Country, Region (state) and zip code on your profile.  That is the information used to put you on the email alert list for our State.  If your profile does not say Maryland, then we will not be able to get you information via email.

There are several FAQs on the National site that will tell you what you can expect both in the Forums and at Missions.   When you see a mission you think you can support, then you can post a simple "Standing by...." in the thread.  All you need then is a 3'x5' US Flag on a pole that you can hold in the flag line.  Look for the Ride Captain (red hat) at your first mission and be sure they know it is your first ride as a PGR.