Thanks HOTH WRAMC BBQ 2010

Ted and I would like to thank everyone who helped with our 4th annual WR bbq yesterday.  Our Wounded Warriors and their families had a wonderful time!!  One soldier's wife even came down from NJ with their kids to make sure she didn't miss our big bash!!!!  We heard nothing but good comments from the soldier's, their families, and the WR staff during the event and after everything was done.

The weather participated, albeit, HOT!!!  The smell of meat grilling, a band playing, motorcycles, a Wounded Warrior joining the band with his harmonica and guitar and even a few folks dancing made for a great afternoon.  Today's schedule at WR had another bbq planned and a soldier said yesterday, "well, I guess tomorrow's back to hamburgers and hot dogs." 

As I've said many times before, now you see why we do what we do.


Ann & Ted

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