Wounded Warrior Escort, to Camden Yards, 27 Jul

National Mission Thread

A happy mission: The Baltimore Social and Sports Club (BSSC) is hosting Wounded Warriors from the Walter Reed National Medical Center (WRNMC) and Ft. Belvoir at the ballgame on Friday evening, July 27th. WRNMC has welcomed our offer to provide escort up I-95 to the Camden Yards ballpark. At a similar event in the spring, 140 WRNMC and Ft. Belvoir personnel participated.

We will escort the Wounded Warrior vehicles from the I-95 Welcome Center near Laurel, MD to the ballpark. We will then form an honor line for disembarkation into the ballpark. At this point, the official PGR mission will end.   If the escort portion of the mission is not a good fit, consider helping to welcome the arriving visitors into the Stadium. Please notify the RC if you intend to help welcome the vehicles.

ESCORT ITINERARY (Currently, all times are - ahem - "ballpark." Check the National thread above for updates prior to leaving)
Date: Friday, 27July2012
Rally Time: 4:30-5:00pm
Rally Location: I-95 North Welcome Center, Savage, MD 20763 (on I-95N btwn Rte. 216 and Rte. 32)
KSU: 5:15 pm
We are joining with vehicles traveling from the Washington, DC area on a Friday afternoon, so our flexibility is crucial. The current objective is to have the Wounded Warriors ready to partake in pre-game activities by 6pm.
RCs will carefully inspect all vehicle-mounted flags before departure since the major portion of this escort is at highway speed.
Escort arrival at Camden Yards: 5:45pm
Rally time/location for welcoming arrival at Camden Yards:
5:30pm at the Babe Ruth statue (Right field-ish, Eutaw St. entrance) Reserved parking is not available, so use one of the many public parking facilities, public transport, or that secret on-street parking spot only you know about.
Weather: Expect hot and muggy, but pay attention to the local forecast.
Ride Captain: Bob Hamlin, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(301) 471-0218
If you plan to escort AND attend the game, please email the ride captain in advance. Free, limited motorcycle parking is available and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you would like to attend the game with the Wounded Warriors, ticket packages are available from the BSSC (for specific information, see LINK).  This escort DOES NOT include access to the baseball game, you must buy tickets if you plan to attend the game.

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