HOTH-Sgt. Christopher Santiago, 16/17 Nov

Escort and Build a Home for Sgt. Christopher Santiago

All contacts have been made.  The mission is a “GO”!

We have been invited once again by The Homes for Our Troops  organization to participate in building a home for a wounded hero.  We have specifically been asked to provide an escort for Marine Sgt. Christopher Santiago and family to the site of their new home in Queen Anne, MD and stand a flag-line there for a brief ceremony.  The work of Homes for Our Troops and this project in particular, has been made possible by an outpouring of community support and countless hours of labor. We are thrilled to be able to move this project to such an exciting stage.

Homes for Our Troops is building a home in Queen Anne, MD for a severely injured veteran, Marine Sgt Christopher Santiago, (click on his name to hear his story)!
Marine Sgt. Christopher Santiago was on his 3rd deployment when he lost both of his legs and severely injured his left arm and hand when he stepped on an IED while opening the gate to a Forward Operating Base (FOB) after returning from a night mission in Saklawia, Iraq on September 16, 2006. Having felt uneasy as if something bad had been in the general atmosphere for a couple of days, Sgt. Santiago was pleased to be returning to base after a day-long mission, followed by an unexpected late-night mission. Telling his radio operator to stay behind, Sgt. Santiago exited the HUMMVEE to open the concertina wire gate, a job usually performed by the radio operator. As he scanned the adjacent field and street, he stepped on an IED that had been buried at the gate. Never losing consciousness, Sgt. Santiago began checking himself for injuries and began to realize the dire condition he was in. Calling out to his fellow Marines to let them know he was alive, Sgt. Santiago recalls the looks of horror on the faces he passed as he was carried to the medical room on base, his friends visibly shaken. The first medical helicopter sent to evacuate Sgt. Santiago to the forward surgical site disabled itself on landing and a second helicopter had to be dispatched. Chris recalls the doctors saying they would need to amputate his legs before slipping into a coma for nearly a week.

Help us honor Sgt. Chris Santiago and help us build him a home that will accommodate his needs and enable him to concentrate on recovery and his future.
Beginning November 16 & 17,  there will be a marathon build event (that we call a “Build Brigade”) at the site of Sgt. Santiago’s home.  Beginning at 8:00 AM each day, with the help of many volunteers, our goal for the weekend will be to erect Sgt. Santiago's a home by completing the framing, roofing, windows, and doors … basically going from floor to a standing structure in one weekend! Please come join us for this event!
We have worked with Homes for Our Troops several times in the past and it is a most rewarding experience to help raise a house and make it weather-tight in just two days.   On Friday only, the MD PGR and others will stand a flag line for a brief program prior to starting the day’s work.  All riders that can, are invited to be part of the Build Brigade following the escort and short program at the site.  The event is a two day affair although, only the first day requires an escort, each day (Friday and Saturday) will be needed to complete the first phase of the building.  To that end, all are invited back to be part of the Build Brigade on Saturday.  

The schedule of the MD PGR events are as follows:

Friday 16 November, 2012

Ride Captain:  Jim “Bubba” Hutson, Tel: (410) 827-4718, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  0715 – 0745, Stage at the Queen Hillsboro Fire Co. 13520 1st Street, Queen Anne, MD.
  0745 – 0800,  Rider’s meeting KSU for escort to the build site (approx. 10 mi.)
  0815 – 0830, Flag line at the build site
  0830 – Commence the build!  All are invited to be part of the Build Brigade.
  Later – secure all operations at your own personal schedule.

Saturday 17 November, 2012

Ride Captain:  Clayton Gebhart, Tel: (302) 559-4430,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 0730 -0745 Rally at  the Royal Farms Gas Station at the crossing of MD309 and MD404
0747 – KSU and proceed to the build site. (approx. 10 mi.)
 0800 – rally at the build site to start day two of the Build Brigade.
 Much Later – secure all operations at your own personal schedule.

Rally point note: There are NO amenities at the Friday rally site.  The closest gas and food is about ¾ of a mile from the fire house at the intersection of MD 309 and MD 404.  Come to the rally point prepared to ride about 25 miles to/from the build site.

Clothing:    We have no idea what the weather will be on the 16th of November.  We do know that this event will happen come rain, snow, sleet or anything short of another hurricane.  Dress appropriately for riding at 55 mph and working on building a house.  
We strongly suggest layering your clothes so you can remove some if you feel it necessary.

Flags:  Bring a 3ft/5ft flag and pole suitable for flag-line use on Friday.  Bike flags are encouraged for the escort on Friday. Those of you with bike mounts, ensure they are in good strong working order (they will be inspected).   No flags will be needed on Saturday.  

Please watch this thread and the National Thread for possible changes.

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