HOTH - Radio Interview

Ann and Ted Nettles to be interviewed on Frederick's WFMD-AM radio
Blaine Young, a popular Frederick county radio host, Frederick County Commissioner and entrepreneur will conduct the interview this Friday (June 10) starting at 5:00pm. The Nettles are going to answer questions about MD PG, HOTH and PGR. Hopefully (it IS a call-in show), the focus of the interview will remain on their work with patients and families at WRAMC and Navy Medical Center.
If you cannot receive the program through the airwaves (9.30 on your AM dial), you can listen live from over the internet.This is a great opportunity for a lot of drive-time listeners to hear how they might also be able to help.

If you have a question about our program, don't hesitate to ask!

Listen to the interview below (IE Users may need to use the download button if you cannot hear when play starts)