HOTH-Naval Support Activiy Fun Day, Annapolis 15 Aug


Security info must be turned in to the RC by Friday August 7 if you plan on attending!
A FUN mission for you!  

The Naval Support Facility in Annapolis honors their own each year with a “neighborhood party” of sorts.  We have again been invited to help honor and celebrate the families, sons, daughters, and Moms who support our combat forces at this event.
We will help educate the families to the Patriot Guard role in supporting our armed forces members and their families and celebrate with them.  We have been one of the big highlights of this event in the past.
Mission requirements are:
1. We have limited space so, I am limiting this event participation to only TWENTY bikes.  “Backseaters” are welcome to increase people participation.
2. Please notify me ASAP if you wish to be part of the party.  The first twenty to respond win a place in the tent.
2. Please clean your bike to show it off and bring that big flag on the back, if you have one.  (caution – kids will want to touch and maybe sit on your bike for family photos.) That is your call at the time.
3. Please wear “family appropriate” patches and personal/bike decorations.
4. We will be entering a military reservation so, full safety gear may be required.
Make sure you have helmet, eye protection, full sleeved top, long pants, boots and gloves (just in case).
Mission Time Line:
1.      0900 Saturday 8 August 2015 – Rally at the WWII memorial on RT 450 in Annapolis, MD  (near the stop light at the end of the Naval ACADEMY Bridge)
2.      0915 – KSU for short 1 mile ride to event location on the Navy Support Center.
3.      0930 – complete tent/booth set up stage bikes.
4.      1400 – Commence teardown prepare to depart.
5.      1415 – Depart and return to the WWII memorial for final brief and farewell.
Food and drink are available for purchase at the event.  It should be hot in August so plan accordingly.
Chairs will be at a premium.  If you have something to sit on – bring it if you wish.
Mission Ride Captain:   Jim “Bubba” Hutson , Tel: (410)827-4718
                        E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
REMEMBER:  Please notify me ASAP if you wish to be part of the party.  The first twenty to respond win a place in the tent.

If you do not have a CAC to get on the base, I will need to know the following IN ADVANCE:

1.    Name of rider/s
2.    Cell phone number
3.    Bike/cage tag number/state
4.    Short description of your ride or cage.

Hope to see you there,


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