HOTH Happenings


September 15, 2011, was the official closing of Walter Reed Army Medical Center.  After spending 6 years regularly visiting the Wounded Warriors there, it was a sad day.  So many lives were changed there, including ours, with all of the friends we made over the years and several that we lost there.  
HOTH was fortunate to be a part of all of the closing ceremonies, including a concert with the Doobie Brothers right in front of the main hospital.  A final day was spent roaming the grounds, taking pictures, and getting a tour of the Eisenhower Suite in the original hospital (the suite he was a patient in and eventually passed away in).

Since then, we’ve been busy getting adjusted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center at Bethesda.  It’s easier just to keep referring to it as “Walter Reed” since it’s so long!  We’re finally starting to feel comfortable there and have made many contacts.  

We have several new regulars working with us on HOTH.  At Christmas, we purchased lots of items to hand out there.  Our group took personal hygiene items, clothes, cleaning supplies, paper products, toys, Christmas wrapping accessories, and lots of other things over to give out.  It was a huge success and we heard many times, “you guys bring stuff we need”.  One PGR member brought her sewing machine to sew patches on anything the guys had.  MD PGR bought a bunch of patches that they could pick from.  That went over really well!!!

The Vest for Vets program is still going strong too.  If you’d like to sponsor a vest, let us know.  We’ll have a “vest donated by…” patch sewn inside.  They generally run about $70.

Just last week we took more items over to give out.  Several MD PGR members solicited donations of items from their friends and associates.  We had a truck bed full of boxes of things to hand out.  We’re currently working on the next date to do this.

We occasionally provide food for UFC fight night.  That’s a big night for the guys and a great way to get them out of their rooms.  Nothing fancy, usually subs, wings or pasta, but it’s a big hit!  
Most times we just go over to hang out, visit and have lunch with the guys.  There’s no shortage of hugs 
Our next fundraiser is March 24.  We can always use more folks to help!  If nothing else, come introduce yourself, eat and enjoy the live music.

If you’re interested in getting involved with HOTH, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.