HOTH Happenings



In May a day was spent with a Veteran’s Appreciation day at the Izaac Walton League.  There was a cookout, a chance to view all types of weapons from WII to the present and even shoot some of them.  The guys were like kids at an amusement park, running from station to station!

We took several WR soldiers along with one’s young daughter to a pig roast where much fun was had…it rained severely but surely didn’t put a “damper”  on the festivities!  

Then of course, was our big BBQ at WR which was a GREAT success!!!!  Everyone’s still talking about it at WR.

One day while visiting WR, after visiting all day and about to leave, we met a soldier, his mom and his wife.  He’d just gone outpatient, was in a lot of pain and they were awaiting a room at the Mologne House.  They appeared lost sitting by the door.  Ted introduced himself, gave him a PGR Challenge Coin and chatted a while.  There was some mix-up about their room and they hadn’t yet checked out of a local hotel.  A room at the MH was assigned, they got the soldier and mom settled in and we drove his wife back to the hotel to help gather their belongings.  We gave them some cash and picked up some dinner for them.  They called the next day to tell us what all of that meant to them especially since they were new to WR.   They just called again last week asking if there was anyway they could get a cell phone for the soldier (his was still with his gear in Afghanistan) and his family was leaving to go back home.  Ted took them to a phone store and gave them some cash to help them out with some other necessities.  

Our Lion’s Club hosted a pig roast where 6 soldiers and their families attended.  It rained yet again, but didn’t stop the fun!  There was swimming, fishing, games and lots of room to roam.  One soldier said the food was 100 times better than what he’s had at the Mologne House.  Not much beats a good cookout!!  

Another day was spent showing a soldier around the monuments in DC.  It was his 1st ever visit and a chance to see and pay his respects to those who fought in previous wars.  The same soldier had a birthday coming up, which his wife called to tell us about.  Since his family couldn’t be here, Ted bought a cake and some gifts and surprised the soldier in the Mologne House lobby.  It really meant a lot to that soldier and his family back home.

Weekends have been very busy with fishing and cookouts away from Walter Reed.  The guys are just glad to get away for a day!  Some other PGR have been helping here too, picking up some guys to bring to the MD GOTG and taking them fishing.  We just had our annual VFW picnic as well and took 7 troops and 4 family members with us.  There was toe tapping to the band and as always…good eats!

One soldier asked on the ride back to WR, “So, what are we doing next weekend?”  We looked at each other, chuckled and asked, “Civil War Battlefields?”