HOTH Happenings


We’ve been very busy lately with our Walter Reed heroes.  From day trips and good eats to a weekend at our house, there is no shortage of fun!  Since my last post on HOTH Happenings, we’ve been to 2 Baltimore Harley shops, Battlefield Harley in Gettysburg and a Victory Motorcycle shop.  After a long, hard day shopping J we usually end with a good dinner out and a visit to the VFW.

A rainy day was spent at the National Rifle Association Museum in Northern, VA.  The guys found that fascinating, pointing out what year, make and model many weapons were.

We’ve presented several vests and eagle head canes the past few months.  As I’ve said in the past, both of these items mean the world to our wounded warriors.

We contacted the PGR in home states of 2 soldiers who are recovering at Walter Reed.  1 from Indiana was greeted at the airport by the PGR, the city and the town’s people.  He called us several days later to tell us how much it meant to him and that there were about 1000 people there!

We just contacted another’s home state PGR about welcoming him home next week.  This really means a lot to our troops!

This weekend a soldier’s wife has asked if we or someone else trustworthy can visit with her husband while she takes their kids back home.  We’ve arranged that if he’s unable to go because of the distance, to have someone hang out with him for the day.

Another day was spent with a husband and wife at our Agricultural Center farmer’s market and craft show.  A good time seemed to be had by all, enjoying the atmosphere and partaking of some of the fresh made goodies available!  From there we took them to a great local BBQ joint.

We brought some of the guys to a chili cook off where they helped judge the chili.  Ted also spoke with 1 of the unit liaisons at Walter Reed a few weeks prior.  He posted a flier for the event in the office and the liaison ended up attending himself with a few other troops.  The next day we took 2 of the guys with us on our dog visit to the Armed Forces Retirement Home in DC then off to Hooters for lunch.  They seemed to enjoy talking to some of the older vets and visiting with the dogs as well…and of course, a trip to Hooters is always enjoyable for them J

1 of the guys just spent the weekend with us.  We picked him up Friday night, he spent Saturday relaxing on the couch while we got our chores done, we went to dinner introducing him to wonderful “MD crabs”…he wasn’t too keen about them J  He couldn’t really get past the look and the “innards”, but he did give them a try…he can say he tried them but doesn’t want anything to do with anything “crabby”!  He spent most of Easter Sunday relaxing, watching TV in the recliner and reading…after we gave him his Easter basket.  We ended the weekend (which went way too fast!) with a wonderful dinner at a restaurant in Frederick, MD, where he enjoyed a BIG piece of prime rib!!!

Finally, our annual PGR BBQ at Walter Reed is planned for Saturday, June 27.  We would really love to see some good participation from our PGR members.  What better way to spend the day then to say “Thank You” to our heroes.  We’ll need help with serving food, drinks, setting up or you can sit and talk with them, get them a soda or just mingle.  We also plan to have a tattoo contest for the troops and their significant others and a motorcycle show.  There will be live music as well.    It’s always a fun time!!