HOTH Happenings


Since our last update, we’ve taken a soldier and his son to Battlefield H-D in Gettysburg, PA.  We introduced him to one of the managers, Randy Bradley, who chatted with him for a while and even fixed a goody bag for him!  He was given a coffee cup (which you normally can only get if you buy a bike), some pins and temporary tattoos for his son.  I’ve mentioned this Harley dealer before and how supportive they are…if you’re ever in the area, stop in and say “Thanks.”

After our visit, we went to a little country restaurant for some down home country cookin’!  Broasted chicken was the selection for all of us.  The soldier said it was some of the best chicken he’s had!!  And oh, so much better than the Army food

We’ve met many new soldiers as well.  We’re getting more eagle head canes made AND having some leather vests put together too, complete with patches.

A soldier and his family and another soldier celebrated Thanksgiving with our family.  His 6 year old son had the best time playing with our nephews.  He didn’t want to leave when it came time!  After dinner, a much needed nap by the fireplace was had by one of the guys!

Last Sunday morning we received an unexpected call from a soldier…he had 2 tickets to the Redskins football game—suite seats complete with food and drink—and needed a ride!  Ted gulped down his breakfast and rushed out to Walter Reed to pick him up and go to the game, just making it for kickoff.  They had a great time!!

We’re hoping to put up a train garden at the Mologne House for Christmas.  We were contacted by a Blue Star couple whose son is currently in Iraq.  Ted helped their son when he was home on leave, to finish restoring an old Camaro.  Well, they really wanted to do something at Walter Reed for Christmas with their son away on his 2nd deployment.  The father offered to build a train garden (which it sounds like the Mologne House has never had).  We’re awaiting an answer as to whether or not this can be done.  It would certainly add a little touch of home!

We plan to take some of the guys and their families to our local VFW for a Christmas party on Dec. 14.  I’ll fill you in on how it went in a few weeks.