HOTH Happenings


Although there are less severely wounded service members, there are still many being treated at WR.  We've been told by command at WR that there are about 275 wounded still being treated there plus other service members considered ill or injured.  The term "Wounded Warrior" is no longer an "official" term at WRNMMC but rather "Wounded, Ill and Injured".  There are some still coming in wounded from ongoing missions in the Middle East & elsewhere, PTS, TBI, those returning for follow up treatment, etc.  There have been many significant changes at WR.  Heightened base security, more stringent requirements for base access, approval & paperwork from preventive medicine when serving food is involved & less number of volunteers with events.  

Some events we've support provided in the last year:

Christmas party

Super Bowl party

Taking wounded service members to the motorcycle show

Took a wounded soldier to his Sgt Major's funeral (who was killed in the incident in which this soldier was wounded) to the funeral at ANC

Collected and provided filled Easter baskets for the base USO

Helped with the Disney character breakfast

Collected and delivered items for service dogs in training for service members

Hosted our annual bbq in June which was a great success.  Twine Time Band played, had the usual yummy foods including fresh corn on the cob & fruit salad, family portraits, kids' activities and fun!

Helped with Marine Family Fun Day July 16.  Volunteers provided help with grilling, serving the food, temp tattoos, face painting, set up and clean up.

Just this weekend we hosted our 1st "Summer Seafood Shindig" at the USO on base with steamed shrimp, crab cakes, fresh grilled corn on the cob, burgers, dogs, and the other bbq trimmings.  Although our original intention was to do steamed crabs, it was way more complicated and involved than we could have ever dreamed on WR's end.  So the next best thing and easiest was the shrimp and crab cakes.  There was such a big, unexpected turnout out, we ran out of food far too soon and had to make a run for more burgers and dogs.  We heard nothing but good things and everyone was amazed at the food and attendance!!!  The new commander even showed up to get some good chow!

Although fewer, we still get requests for the cherished motorcycle vests and eagle head canes.

There have been several changes of command since the initial BRAC realignment between Walter Reed Army Medical and Bethesda.  We've been fortunate enough to attend most of them, most recently in July when the Navy changed base commanders.

Wares for Warriors program is still going strong with providing personal necessities to our service members being treated at WRNMMC.

Assisted in transporting a trike to motorcycle dealer for adaptations to be made to accommodate a double amputee

In September we'll be helping with the base 9/11 5k run and in October, the Fall Fest

Through all of the changes, hurdles & new requirements we have persevered and are still as devoted as ever to letting our service members know we support them and appreciate their service.

Ann & Ted