HOTH Happenings


We've been plugging away at WR the past few months trying to make our way into Bethesda Navy Med, soon to be called Walter Reed Military Medical Center.  What a mouthful!!!  It'll still be WR to us :)  We had the honor and privilege of attending the Casing of Colors July 27 at WR.  It was basically the closing ceremony for WR when they furled the WR flags and put them in their cases.  I've attached a few pics.  It was a bittersweet much history has taken place and so many lives were changed there.  We strolled through the old hospital and the grounds taking pictures.  We visited the Eisenhower Suite in the old hospital, where he stayed as a patient and eventually where he passed away.  The day ended with a concert by the Doobie Brothers in front of the newer hospital.  It was a great show, with soldiers and even Gen. Schoomaker (The Surgeon General and past Commander of WR) dancing. 
We have lots of contacts at Bethesda now and Ft. Belvoir (where the guys are going who are closer to med boarding out).  As far as visting, it's the usual red tape of call this person, who tells you to call this person.....WR will officially close Sept 15.  They've been moving the guys out gradually and the rest next week.  Those from the hospital wards will move August 28--I'm going to forward an email for a support the troops event at the WR entrance (as they move the guys out) that day for those of you interested/available.  We'll be on vacation but show up if you can.
This past weekend we took a Marine to our favorite b & b in VA.  He really enjoyed it, fished, relaxed and even took a horse back ride.  We took some out for crabs again a few weeks ago...1 Marine from Iowa, Chris, asked what the "yellow stuff" was and Ted told him the mustard.  Chris looked at us dead serious and said, "they actually inject mustard in these?"  We had to laugh and explained best we could what it was.  Many of the guys have been asking if we'll be going to Bethesda.  As long as we have names, we can get in.  Then we'll take it from there...kind of like we did at WR.

Your help and support does not have to be monetary or physical presence at WRAMC.  There are many times that these troops need help that you may just have a skill set for.  Anyone interested in helping can contact Ann & Ted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Come out for one of their HOTH events and have a look through their photo album of the Wounded Warriors they have met and formed friendships with!

This article will be used to update on HOTH Happenings here in Maryland.

First, we'd like to thank everyone who came out to help with the fundraiser and support us at Vanessa's Corner Pub in March.  The weather couldn't have been any better!  It was the 1st decent day we've had after this long winter to get out on the bikes and enjoy some good music and sunshine!!

All of the money has been totaled and the grand total is $4779!!

The new USO building opened at Walter Reed last week and we're looking forward to hosting some nice events there, a crab feast being one of them this summer!  We have our Wares for Warriors program where we hand out necessities at WR & Vests for Vets where we get motorcycle vests with patches for the Wounded, Ill and Injured recovering at WR.  In December we co sponsored the Christmas party, helping defray the cost of the food.  This year we
co sponsored the Super Bowl party which had all of the yummy football foods we all enjoy, live entertainment, the Big Game on the big screen, Redskins cheerleaders and a surprise visit by Gary Sinese (LT. Dan).  We couldn't do all of this without your support!