HOTH Happenings


Many Riders may not know how integral the Help on the Homefront program is to what we do.  Here in Maryland our HOTH focuses on those Wounded Warriors and their families who are sent to Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC).  There are many agencies and organizations that work with our Wounded Heroes, we attempt to fill in some gaps and give them a strong sense of not being forgotten.

Ann & Ted Nettles are the RCs for the Maryland HOTH program.  They conduct regular visits to WRAMC and do pretty much whatever it takes to get the wounded and their families what they need.  Whether it's an oil change for their car, a favorite meal or just someone's smiling face, Ann & Ted are on it.  They administer The Operation Eagle Head Presentation Canes project by the Smoky Mountain Woodcarvers.  This program is providing a walking cane for any post-9/11 soldier who has lost a leg.  They also administer the PGRs Wounded Warrior Challenge Coin program and make sure to place a challange coin with each Warrior coming into WRAMC.