HOTH Fundraiser - Memories Charcoal House, 10 June

Fundraising Flyer

Memories Charcoal House is sponsoring a fundraising event for the Maryland Patriot Guard HOTH program.

10% of all proceeds on 10 June from 1100 hrs to close, will be going to our HOTH account to provide support for Wounded Warriors and their families at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.


We'd like to thank all that came out to the June 10 HOTH fundraiser.  Over $1300 was raised to support Maryland's HOTH program!  There was a huge turnout including many people who were familiar with the PGR and others who stopped in while passing by.  They all gave big thanks to the PGR and many want to continue to help or become active members. 

The weather was perfect and the patio was full all night!  There were 3 soldiers from Walter Reed in attendance, two of whom had a limo ride back from the evening.  They all said what a good time it was and how great it was to just be away for a few hours.  There were numerous door prizes that were donated and even body painting by a tattoo artist. It was everyone's chance to get that "tattoo" they finally wanted.  Many kids attended as well, dancing to the music and getting their 1st tatt :)

We will be planning more of these events in the near future with other restaurants.  Many people want to help our Wounded Warriors, they just don't know how.  This is an enjoyable time out, chance to make new friends and a chance to say, "thanks", in person to our Heroes.

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