HOTH Escort-SSG Kelly Keck, Havre De Grace, 15 Jun

Patriot Guard Riders! On Friday 15 June, along with the American Legion Riders, we have been asked to escort SSG Kelly Keck US Army, a severly wounded warrior, and his family to the location and Opening Ceremony of their new special needs home to be built by Homes for Our Troops. In just 3 days they go from the ground to under roof and weather tight. This is truly an amazing feat as many will attest and is at no cost to the warrior. There will be a ceremony at the build site and the work will begin. They are always looking for volunteers to help, so if you can spare some time, please volunteer. You don't have to have homebuilding skills, there of plenty of things to do.
SSG "Doc" Keck was a combat medic, injured in a land mine explosion and was a patient at Walter Reed for over a year. This will also serve as his official "Welcome Home" after recuperating from his injuries. You can see more of SSG Keck's story at the homes for our troops website.
Rally Location: 0715-0730
                    Level Volunteer Fire Company   
                    3633 Level Village Road
                     Havre de Grace, MD 21078.
Escort to Home Build site location to follow.  Your briefing at the rally will include the final destination.  Please be aware we will not be publicizing the address on our site, because this will be the family home.  You will need to arrive on time at the rally location.  Early won't hurt as departure times can always change on us.

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