HOTH - Key Ceremony for Cpl Jeffery Kessler, USMC, Darlington, MD, 15 FEB

HOTH Mission 15 February 2014 - Key Ceremony for CPL Jeffery Kessler, USMC

The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to honor and participate in the Key Ceremony for CPL Jeffery Kessler, USMC, on 15 February 2014. This is when the keys to a specially designed and built house for this hero and his family will be formally presented to them by the "Homes For Our Troops" organization. These homes are built free of charge for our troops who have sustained massive injuries and have rehabilitated, but have special needs in order to live independently with their families.
We, along with many other veteran organizations, will be riding and forming a flag line for the arrival and presentation to CPL Kessler, his wife and two children. At the ground breaking ceremony some months ago there were over 225 participants.
Cpl Kessler, USMC was in Helmond Province, Afghanistan, in July 2011 making a sweep of a compound. He entered a building when he stepped on a buried IED which detonated. He managed to remove himself from the building to a clear area where he was initially cared for by his brother Marines. Airlifted to first to Landsthul, Germany, then to Walter Reed NMMC where he received treatment and therapies which are continuing to aid in his recovery.
Please join in this occasion to show our respect and honor this Marine and to enjoy and participate in this event.

Rally: Saturday, 15 February 0900-0915, KSU @ approx. 0930

Cheasapeake Harley-Davidson
4600 Thunder Ct (@ intersection of US Rt. 1)
Darlington, Md 21034

We will rally here and meet with all the other participants. We will then proceed to the homesite in Rising Sun, MD. Ride will be LEO escorted and is approximately 15 miles. We will form our flag line in time for the arrival of the Kessler family and the ceremony. Please bring your 3x5 handheld flag for the flagline.

Weather: It is too soon to try to anticipate. Please check forecasts and dress appropriatey. Remember to
take in consideration wind chills if you ride. Bring something to drink to stay hydrated.

Ride Captain: Russ Burks

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