HOTH/Veterans Day Visit, Bedford Court Senior Center, Silver Spring,.11 Nov 09

National Mission Thread

The Bedford Court Senior Center is holding a special Veterans Day breakfast
for resident Veterans. The Patriot Guard has been asked to provide a Flag
Line for the event. We will have an opportunity to mingle with these senior
citizen Veterans as they are honored at the breakfast.

Ride Captain: Ann Nettles (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Rally Location: Burger King, 3870 International Drive, Silver Spring MD.
Rally Time: 0750 - 0805 hrs
This is a very congested area as all local Riders should know. Please leave
plenty of time to arrive at the Rally Point. We will be kickstands up @
0810 hrs for the 2 minute route to the Senior Home. Don't forget your 3'x5'
US Flag for the flag line!

This is an excellent chance to say thanks and remind our older Vets that we
remember and appreciate their service!

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