HOTH-Adam Kisielewski, USMC, Homes For Our Troops, Frederick, 25 Mar

Patriot Guard Riders!

This is truly one of our happy missions.  Adam Kisielewski, a Marine Sgt who suffered staggering wounds in Iraq, settled in Thurmont after leaving Walter Reed. Adam is a husband, father, student at Mt. St. Marys University and an officer for Operation Second Chance -- helping other wounded heroes.

Adam's current home does not accommodate his physical requirements.  On March 25-27, Homes For Our Troops (HFOT) is building a house for Adam that does meet his needs.  HFOT is coordinating a formidable collection of volunteers, with the objective of putting a house under roof in those 3 days. 

We've been honored with a request for help. On Friday morning, March 25, at 8:15am, we will stand a flag line to greet Adam and his family as they arrive at the construction site to attend the opening ceremony, and we'll remain throughout the ceremony.  The American Legion Riders, who are providing Adam's escort from Thurmont to the construction site, has also welcomed our participation in the escort. 

Our primary mission is the flag line upon family arrival, we want those flags flying when his car turns into the driveway to his new house..  At this time we believe there will be enough flags at the construction site to enable at least some PGR to participate in the escort.  Semper Gumby, if we need you to go direct to the Construction Rally from the Escort Rally please follow the RC lead.

Lead Ride Captain will be Bob Hamlin, (301) 471-0218 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (301) 471-0218      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
Other Ride Captain assigned at Construction Site will be Mike Buck, (202) 329-8487 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            (202) 329-8487      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Friday, 25 March 2011
Escort Itinerary:
Rally Time:  0700-0730 hrs
KSU:  TBD.  Don't be late!
Rally Location:   Thurmont Mountaingate Restaurant, 133 Frederick Road, Thurmont, MD 21788
At 0730 we will determine if more flag line members are needed for Adam's arrival at the homesite.  If so, PGR will forego the escort and proceed directly to the construction site Rally Point.  ALR Road Captain will brief instructions for those riding in the escort.  Mounted 3x5 flags welcome during escort (will be inspected for safety).

Construction Site Itinerary:
Rally Time:  0730-0750 hrs
Rally Location: Libertytown 7-11, 11922 Main Street (Rte. 26), Libertytown, MD 21762
KSU: 0755 hrs
We will proceed directly to the site for arrival by 0800.  Please DO NOT BE LATE.  As the final destination will be their home address we will not be posting it on the Website.  If you are running late, call one of the RCs for instructions.

Briefing onsite will be at 0805 hrs (Project background, agenda, anticipated flag line actions and protocols).
Don't forget your 3x5 US flags on a pole for the flag line starting at 0815 hrs as the HFOT ceremony will begin at 0830.
Watch and dress appropriately for the weather.  Cage or Scoot doesn't matter.  If you are caging please proceed to the Construction site Rally point.

We hope you can help us show Adam and his family how much we appreciate his service and sacrifice.

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