Godfrey Provencal, Army Dad

Maryland Patriot Guard,
We have been standing now for many years for our fallen heroes and their families.  Each mission is unique and occasionally we receive a special request from our service members for support in times of need.  This is one of those times.
SFC Henry Provencal, USA, a CAO for the U.S. Army, has walked with many families as they have processed the loss of their loved one.  He is a first generation American, who with the love and support of his family has chosen to serve our country.  His dedication and service to our nation was fostered by his father, an immigrant, who sought and lived the American dream.  SFC Provencal’s father passed away on May 2, 2011.  Having first-hand knowledge of what we do, SFC Provencal asked that we support him and his family as they celebrate the life of father.
Given all that SFC Provencal has already done for the families of our fallen and continues to do, we have decided that is the right thing to do to stand in support of him and his family in their time of need.  As this is a special request, it will not be posted on the national website and this will be the only notification for this mission.
We will form a flag line to show our respect for the family of SFC Henry Provencal, USA.
Saturday, June 4, 2011, Service 1130 hrs, Interment immediately following
Rally 1030
Brief 1045
Flag line 1100
Ebenezer Methodist Church
5901 36th Avenue
Hyattsville, MD  20782
Ride Captain:  Kevin (rockk) Rock  -  (202) 276-6277
Please bring 3 x 5 hand-held flags for the flag line at the church and the cemetery.  There will be approximately a six mile procession from the church to the cemetery.  If you have 3 x 5 flag(s) mounted on your motorcycle, be sure to test your mount prior to arriving at the church.  All rigs will be inspected before KSU.
The current weather forecast for Hyattsville, MD on Saturday June 2nd is slight chance of thunderstorms, with a high of 85 degrees and a low of 58 degrees.  Dress appropriately and bring water to stay hydrated.
You may follow the link below to follow updates or changes to this mission:
Join us as we stand in support of SFC Provencal and his family.