Devon R. Strout, 20, LCpl USMC, Gaithersburg, 27 Dec 2016
LCpl Devon R. Strout, 20
United States Marine Corps
27 December 2016
The Patriot Guard Riders of Maryland and Virginia are honored to have been asked to escort LCpl Devon R. Strout, United States Marine Corps, on 27 December 2016 from Gaithersburg, Maryland to Dulles International Airport, in Virginia.  LCpl Strout was 20 years old and stationed at Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA.  Tragically he died on 17 December 2016 in a single-vehicle car crash in Virginia.  A resident of Milo, Maine, LCpl Strout will be flown home to his family in Maine via United Airlines, Flt #822, departing at 1705 hrs.
27 December 2016

Stage: 1200 hrs.
Thibadeau Mortuary Services
7 Park Ave.
Gaithersburg, MD

Brief: 1215 hrs.

Honors: 1240 hrs. as casket is transferred to the hearse.

KSU: 1300 hrs. Escort departs for Dulles

Arrival: 1400 hrs. Escort arrives Dulles at 23723 Air Freight Lane, Cargo Bldg. #3, Door D.

Ride Captain:
Mike Buck
240-812-2872 (cell)

Co-Ride Captain:
Roland “Flags” Lataille
703-398-7839 (cell)

Iron Horses preferred, cars welcomed as always.
Large hand-held flags needed for flag line honors at Dulles should opportunity present itself. Properly mounted flags (if available) are needed for the Escort.

Please be present for the briefing, as LEO may be present.

Check the weather, dress and hydrate accordingly.

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