Burton G. Brooks, USN, SCPO Ret.,Great Mills,ANC 11 Dec

This is a confirmed mission for the Patriot Guard to honor AECS Burton G. Brooks, USN, Ret., Great Mills, MD, who passed away June 23, 2013. 

It is a go, all contacts have been made. 

Services at Arlington National Cemetery are scheduled for Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at approximately 1100 hrs.

We have been invited by the family of AECS Brooks to honor and pay our final respects and to escort him to his final rest. The Raging Goats Veteran Chief Petty Officer Motorcycle Club will join us in escorting and honoring AECS Brooks.  He was born August 25, 1950, in Warren, Ohio.  He is survived by his wife, sister, a large extended family and many friends.  “Ask the Chief”… was one of his favorite motto’s followed by “Of course it can,” when told something couldn’t be done.   Very often in his early military career when told something couldn’t be done, he’d shoot back the remark “Of course it can, let’s go ask the Chief,” and then he became one achieving the rate of Senior Chief Petty Officer, which was one of his proudest moments during his 26-year military career serving from 1968 to 1994.

After retiring in 1994, AECS Brooks worked at BAE, where he was a key founder in the establishment of the Navy’s Automatic Identification Technology Laboratory which served all of the DoD and federal agencies in “doing business better” with barcodes and RFID tags.  He expanded his expertise and support to the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection where he led a team in support of their asset management as well as their engineering requirements for communications and sensor systems located along the United States’ southern and northern borders.  In spite of his distinguished career, AECS Brooks often remarked to friends that his most valuable possession in life was his wife with whom he cherished his 43 year-long love affair.

A good man left this earth on June 23, 2013, the day Burt “transitioned to God’s house” to live, and if you ever find yourself standing at heaven’s door, unsure of which path to take, just “ask the Chief.”  He’ll be waiting there to show you the way!
Early Staging  -  Wednesday, December 11, 2013  -  Great Mills, MD
Honestly assess your group riding skills.  This will be a 65 mile procession during the morning rush.  We encourage all less experienced riders and cages to use the late staging at Arlington, VA (see below).
Rally 0745
Brief 0800
KSU 0815
Compass Systems
21471 Great Mills Road
Great Mills, MD  20634
Ride Captain:  Sid (Deacon) Marcus  –  (301) 535-6817
Late Staging  -  Wednesday, December 11, 2013  -  Arlington, VA
Rally 0945
Brief 1000
KSU 1015
United States Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima)
George Washington Memorial Parkway
Arlington, VA
Ride Captain:  rockk (kevin rock)  –  (202) 276-6277
3 x 5 hand-held flags will not be needed for this mission.
Military mandated riding gear IS NOT required.
NOTE:  Conceal/carry permits are NOT recognized on military installations and federal reservations.  Arlington National Cemetery is a federal reservation.  Do not bring weapons or hazardous materials to this mission.
The weather forecast for Wednesday, December 11th is sunny with a low of 22 degrees and high of 35 degrees.  Check the weather prior to your departure and dress appropriately.  Remember, you may cage to this mission.  NOTE:  Due to the inclement weather expected Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, be extremely cautious for melting and refreezing snow/ice on all roadways.  If there is any precipitation on Wednesday with temperatures near or below freezing, motorcycles WILL NOT be allowed to ride in this procession.  Check the weather forecast often.  Your safety is a top priority so we may fulfill our primary mission which is to stand the flag line.
Stand with us as we honor this Sailor and his family with our respect and silent presence in the flag line.

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