Bruce Carroll Burnett, USA Vet, Frederick, 25, 26 Jul



Monday, July 29, 2013 – Rally 0930 – Frederick, MD
Patriot Guard, the interment ceremony for Bruce C. Burnett, USA Vet., Frederick, MD, has been scheduled and we have been asked to continue our flag line as he makes his final journey to Rocky Gap Veterans Cemetery, NE Flintstone, MD.  The services at Rocky Gap will take place at approximately 1300 hrs.
This will be a LEO escorted procession.  We may at times reach highway speeds.  The route from the staging area to the cemetery is approximately 90 miles.  The nearest gas facilities are approximately an additional 15 miles once we depart the ceremony.  Honestly assess your group riding skills and know the range of your bike.  Everyone is welcome but safety is key.  You may cage to this mission.
Part III
Monday July 29, 2013
Stauffer Funeral Home
1621 Opossumtown Pike
Frederick, MD  21702
Interment Ceremony Staging:
Rally – 0930
Brief – 0945
You MUST be on time and attend the briefing to ride in this escort. We will be departing between 1000 and 1030
Service begins at 1300 – Flag line will be maintained until end of service.
Ride Captains:  Michael Buck – (240) 812-2872
                         rockk (kevin rock) – (202) 276-6277
Bring 3 x 5 hand-held flags for this mission, extra to share if you have them.  If you have flag(s) mounted on your bike, make sure your rig has been tested prior to arrival at the funeral home.  All rigs will be inspected prior to departure.
The weather forecast for Monday, July 29th is sunny with a low of 58 degrees and high of 76 degrees.  Check the weather prior to your departure and ride/dress appropriately.  Bring water to hydrate.
Stand with us as we honor this Soldier and his family with our respect and silent presence in the flag line.


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