Albert E. Hayden, CEM, USN, WW2, KIA, Morganza MD., 18 May 2016

MAR 31, 1897 - DEC 7, 1941
CEM Albert Eugene "Rouch" Hayden, the first Maryland resident killed in WWII, will be buried on May 18, 2016 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church Cemetery in Morganza, MD.
Born and raised in St. Mary's County, Albert Eugene "Roach" Hayden was the beloved son of Emma Trice Hayden and James Dolor Hayden, Sr. It was said he had great teachers in his daily life and at school, esp. Leonard Hall Junior Naval School, where he felt the knowledge he gained there enabled him to be his best throughout life.
CEM Hayden was a loyal worker in the only employment he ever had or wanted, serving our nation by being a Sailor in the United States Navy. During his 24+ years he served on some notable ships; The USS Lexington, USS Pennsylvania and USS Oklahoma. The latter being his station in Pearl Harbor, which on that infamous Sunday morning was docked in the outer position of Battleship Row. Just before 8am, nine torpedoes slammed into the mighty vessel, spreading terror and rage into everyone within hearing distance. Our forces rushed into action fighting their way through the utter chaos caused by the surprise attack. Chief Hayden and most of the Sailors and Marines aboard The Oklahoma gave their life for us. The Oklahoma sank within 15 minutes. Life Magazine listed CEM Hayden as the 1st Marylander to perish in WWII.
For 74 years CEM Hayden was one of the "Unknowns" from the Oklahoma, who remained in the National Cemetery in Hawaii. The Defense Dept., POW/MIA Agency, put modern forensics to the task and identified his remains.
The extended Hayden family will gathered on May 18, 2016 to welcome home Albert Eugene Hayden with a Funeral Mass at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Morganza, officiated by Father Keith Woods. Leonard Hall Jr. Naval Academy Cadets are volunteering as Ushers and Attendants.
Service: 18 May 2016
Stage:        1100 hrs.     St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 29119 Point Lookout Road, Morganza, MD 20660
Brief:          1115 hrs.
Honors:      1130 hrs.
Mass:         1230 hrs.
Burial follows in church cemetery across the street.
Ride Captain:  Sid “Deacon” Marcus @ 301-535-6817 (cell)
Iron Horses preferred, cars welcomed as always.
Bring 3' x 5' flags if you have them.
Military mandated ID / gear IS NOT required for this mission.
Dress & hydrate accordingly - Check the weather

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